Project Strategy


Understanding Your Website Strategy

Essential questions that will help you understand your site’s strategy so you can build not only a beautiful website but one that gets you where you want to be.

How is this questionnaire going to help you?

Are you starting a new website project? Yay! That’s awesome. 

There’s just one thing...

One thing you can’t start the project without. And no, it isn’t a hosting plan but something way more important...

A strategy.

If you want your website to get the results you’re looking for, you must think of it strategically. That means understanding, clarifying and defining some important matters from the beginning.

Once you answer this questionnaire you’ll get a clearer panorama of what needs to be done and how. You’ll have a destination point, a compass telling you where you need to go and what to keep in mind.


If you’re renovating a website a strategy is key too. This questionnaire will help you understand what isn’t working on your current site, detect needs and plan for improvement.

How to use this questionnaire?

This questionnaire includes questions about your brand, your business, your target audience and your future website.

Some questions need short to-the-point answers, others need more extended ones. But in order to make the answers useful try to write concise answers, with only the required information in them.

Along with each item you’ll find some guiding questions, explanations or examples.

Have fun :)

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Project Strategy


Need some information like your name, email, phone; the basic stuff.

Alright, let's set this up! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Tell us about your business

If you have a website already, please enter the URL here.

What is your budget range?

What budget has your company allocated? There is no right or wrong here. Please note customized templates start at $3,000 and custom designed website can start at $5,500.

Is your budget less than $1,800? Then we have an option for you.

We have a new program that is an easy method of getting you online fast. This is a turn-key system with a typical turn-around time of 14 days. If you are just starting out, this might fit your budget.

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The Brand

Brand profile

What do you do? What are you like? How many people are behind the brand?

Short brand history

Since when has your brand been alive? How did it start? How was the evolution over the years?

Most important values

What makes you special? What are your work guidelines? What are you hoping people recognize you for?

Think of a few keywords, no more than 5.

Current scenario

Where is your brand standing today? What needs do you detect? What’s working? What are your biggest challenges?

Desired scenario

Where do you want to be? How would you like the future for your brand to look like?


Do you have more than one target audience?

(If so, answer the following questions for each one of them)

What are their pain points?

Short target description

Who do they trust? What will make them trust you?

Main characteristics

Which tone will you use to talk to them?

How do they usually connect with a brand?

How will they find you?

What do they value?

What do they hope to find on your website?



How will the website help getting your brand to the desired scenario? What’s the main purpose of this site?

Specific goals

What is it supposed to achieve?

For example:– Generate awareness about the project / the company / the organization...– Sell our products...– Engage the community...– Advertise our services...– Generate donations for...– Build an e-mail database of...

Content structure

List pages and sections. An approximate idea.

For example:

- Homepage   - Section 1: ...   - Section 2: ...   - Section 3: ...- About page   - Child page: Mission   - Child page: History   - Child page: Team- Blog- Contact us   - Contact details   - Contact form   - Google maps- Services   - Service 1: ...   - Service 2: ...


Which specific functionalities will the site have?

For example:

Work on a CMS (like WordPress). Online shop (using WooCommerce?). Contact form or other forms. Membership system. Newsletter registration. Integrations with social media. Interactive map

Main keywords

In a few words, what are the website’s guiding principles and overall look and feel keywords?

For example:

“eCommerce – Authoritative – Credible”“A site made for people who cares – Friendly”“A fresh look at an old value”“The ultimate digital resources site – Leadership”
Or: Elegant – Prestigious – Warm – Modern – Playful – Minimalist – Colorful – Serious – Approachable – Calm – Clean – Funny – Fashionable – Powerful

Other websites examples

Provide examples of similar websites or competitors’ websites.

Overall online presence

How will the website interact with your other channels or general online marketing strategy?

Think of lead captures, blog posts, content upgrades, o!ers, social media.

Upload your files.

This can be a picture, pdf, etc.

Wasn't this useful (and easy)?

Cool. So you’re now ready to start crafting that website...

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Welcome on board. I’m so excited we’re about to start working together. This is how it all works, this is what you can expect to happen from now on. And I’ll be very close to you while you go through the process of using our services.
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